Helen Mary Barr

(F.M.A), (Dip. Teach),

B.A. (Hons). Couns.  

(M.A. Cert). Phil.

(M.A). Arts &Hum.

Creative Therapist


Dreaming Stones

Dreaming Stones is a space where I can support you by using art, poetry and intuitive tools; such as Tarot, crystals, stones and divination. We can work face to face or through the telephone and internet. I have included here  elements of the work I love and am trained to offer you. Some are award winning projects, however, art and poetry are not constrained by judgement, and we can work together in a free and insightful way.

As a Shamanic Therapist, I can use powerful techniques to support a journey back in time with the aim of regaining personal power which may have been lost. We can use meditation and dreaming to focus on changing outcomes in the future. We can work with self-esteem issues and discover spiritual guides to support your journey.


Please link to my FaceBook page 'Helen Mary Barr Freelance Creative' and find more examples of my work in therapeutic art, along with an expanding section on divination.


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